Cambro, 30CWL135, Food/Beverage Storage Container

  • Food Pan Lid 1/3 Camwear Flip Clear
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Introducing the Cambro 30CWL135 Food/Beverage Storage Container, a must-have for commercial restaurants seeking precision in every task. This clear, flip-top lid is designed to fit perfectly on a 1/3 Camwear food pan, ensuring optimal food storage and organization. With a case pack of 6, this product offers convenience and efficiency for busy kitchens. The Cambro 30CWL135 is made by Cambro, a trusted vendor in the food and beverage storage container category. Its durable construction and secure seal make it ideal for commercial restaurant use, keeping food fresh and protected. Whether you’re storing prepped ingredients, leftovers, or ready-to-serve dishes, this container and lid combo is a reliable choice. Invest in the Cambro 30CWL135 Food/Beverage Storage Container and experience the difference it makes in your restaurant’s operations.