Garland/US Range, MCO-GS-10-S, Convection Oven, Gas

  • Master Series Convection Oven
  • gas
  • single-deck
  • standard depth 39″
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Introducing the Garland/US Range MCO-GS-10-S Gas Convection Oven, designed to master your culinary space. This single-deck oven is perfect for commercial restaurant use, offering a standard depth of 39″ and a spacious cooking cavity height of 24″. With its Master 200 solid state controls and 1-hour timer, you can easily regulate cooking times and temperatures to achieve perfect results every time. The oven features a powerful 60,000 BTU gas burner, ensuring efficient and even heat distribution for consistent cooking. The two-speed fan and EnerLogic Technology further enhance performance, while the stainless steel construction guarantees durability and easy cleaning. The oven comes with six chrome-plated oven racks on 13-position rack guides, providing ample space for multiple dishes. Dependable 60/40 doors with windows allow you to monitor cooking progress without opening the oven, preserving heat and energy. Trust the Garland/US Range MCO-GS-10-S to elevate your restaurant’s culinary capabilities.