Glastender, BLC-1/3-E, Beverage Line Chillers

  • 1/3 HP beverage line chiller
  • one pump
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Revolutionize seamlessly with Glastender’s BLC-1/3-E Beverage Line Chillers. Designed specifically for commercial restaurant use, this beverage line chiller is a game-changer for your establishment. With its 1/3 HP power and one pump, it ensures efficient cooling and dispensing of your beverages, guaranteeing a refreshing experience for your customers every time.

Glastender, a trusted name in the industry, brings you this high-quality chiller that is packed with features to enhance your restaurant’s operations. Its compact design allows for easy installation and saves valuable space behind the bar. The durable construction ensures long-lasting performance, even in the busiest of environments.

With Glastender’s BLC-1/3-E Beverage Line Chiller, you can maintain the perfect temperature for your beverages, ensuring optimal taste and quality. Say goodbye to warm or flat drinks and hello to satisfied customers. Whether you’re serving draft beer, soda, or any other chilled beverage, this chiller is the ideal solution for your restaurant.

Upgrade your beverage service with Glastender’s BLC-1/3-E Beverage Line Chiller and experience the difference it can make in your commercial restaurant.