Glastender, C2FB92, Back Bar Cabinet, Refrigerated

  • Cooler
  • two zone
  • front serviced
  • bar profile
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Elevate the atmosphere discreetly with the Glastender C2FB92 Back Bar Cabinet. Designed specifically for commercial restaurant use, this refrigerated cabinet is perfect for keeping beverages cool and easily accessible. With its sleek bar profile and stainless steel interior, it adds a touch of sophistication to any establishment. The two-zone cooling system allows for different temperature settings, ensuring that all drinks are served at their optimal temperature. The front service design and LED interior lighting make it convenient for bartenders to quickly locate and serve drinks, even in dimly lit environments. The self-contained refrigeration system and front venting ensure efficient cooling without taking up valuable space behind the bar. NSF Standard 7 certification guarantees that this cabinet meets the highest standards for closed container products. Trust Glastender to provide reliable and high-quality refrigeration solutions for your commercial restaurant needs.