Glastender, FP-41, Cocktail Stations

  • 84 deep station
  • laminated front panel (2 required)
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Introducing the Glastender FP-41 Cocktail Stations, designed to create a functional layout for your commercial restaurant. With laminated front panels, this station offers a sleek and modern look that will impress your customers. The 84″ deep station provides ample space for bartenders to work efficiently, ensuring quick and smooth service. Each case includes 1 unit, packed by Glastender themselves, guaranteeing quality and reliability. The FP-41 Cocktail Stations are perfect for busy bars and restaurants, allowing bartenders to easily access all the necessary tools and ingredients. The laminated panels not only add a touch of elegance to your establishment but also make cleaning and maintenance a breeze. Whether you’re serving up classic cocktails or crafting innovative concoctions, the Glastender FP-41 Cocktail Stations are a must-have for any commercial restaurant looking to create a stylish and efficient bar area.