John Boos, 4CB4R10-3084-L, Beverage Counter

  • Beverage Table
  • cabinet base with open front
  • 84W x 30D x 45-34H overall size
  • 14300 stainless steel top with 10 backsplash
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Maximize efficiency through smart solutions using the John Boos 4CB4R10-3084-L Beverage Counter. Designed specifically for commercial restaurant use, this beverage table features a cabinet base with an open front, providing easy access to supplies and equipment. The 14300 stainless steel top with a 10-inch backsplash and marine edge ensures durability and easy cleaning. The Stallion Safety Edge front and square turndown ends add an extra layer of safety. With a 18-inch sink on the left, complete with a splash mount faucet and a hinged door, this beverage counter is perfect for food preparation and cleanup. The 36-inch urn trough and louvered grate with a 2-inch drain offer convenient disposal of liquid waste. The included intermediate shelf provides additional storage space, while the 18430 stainless steel wrap with legs and adjustable feet ensures stability. With its practical design and high-quality construction, the John Boos 4CB4R10-3084-L Beverage Counter is a must-have for any commercial restaurant looking to optimize efficiency and functionality.