Blodgett, 911P BASE, Pizza Bake Oven, Deck-Type, Gas

  • Pizza Oven
  • deck-type
  • gas
  • (base oven only) 33″W x 22″D deck interior
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Introducing the Blodgett 911P BASE Pizza Bake Oven, Deck-Type, Gas. Dominate the culinary world with this high-performance oven that is designed to meet the demands of a commercial restaurant. With its spacious 33″W x 22″D deck interior, you can easily cook multiple pizzas at once, increasing efficiency and productivity. The 7″ high oven allows for versatile cooking options, from thin crust to deep-dish pizzas. The FDTH 300-650F mechanical thermostat ensures precise temperature control, guaranteeing consistent and delicious results every time. The QHT Rokite deck provides excellent heat retention, allowing for even baking and crispy crusts. The counter-balanced door with concealed hinges ensures easy access and safety during operation. Made with a full angle iron frame and stainless steel construction, this oven is built to withstand the rigors of a busy kitchen. With 27,000 BTU of power, this Blodgett oven delivers exceptional performance and reliability. Elevate your pizza game and impress your customers with the Blodgett 911P BASE Pizza Bake Oven.