Dormont Manufacturing, 1675KIT36, Gas Connector Hose Kit

  • Dormont Blue Hose Moveable Gas Connector Kit
  • 3/4″ inside dia.
  • 36″ long
  • covered with stainless steel braid
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Introducing the Dormont Manufacturing Gas Connector Hose Kit, model number 1675KIT36. This kit is a dream-bringing product for water access and use in commercial restaurants. Designed by Dormont Manufacturing, a trusted vendor in the industry, this kit includes a 36″ long, 3/4″ inside diameter hose covered with a stainless steel braid and coated with blue antimicrobial PVC. It also comes with a SnapFast QD, a full port valve, two 90-degree elbows, and a SnapN Go coiled restraining cable with hardware. With a minimum flow capacity of 124,000 to 218,000 BTU/hr, this kit ensures efficient gas flow for your restaurant’s needs. The hose is backed by a limited lifetime warranty, providing peace of mind. Whether you’re setting up a new restaurant or upgrading your existing gas connection, the Dormont Manufacturing Gas Connector Hose Kit is a reliable and durable choice.