Dormont Manufacturing, CANRG7560, Gas Connector Kit

  • Dormont ReliaGuard Foodservice Gas Connector Kit
  • 3/4″ inside dia.
  • 60″ long
  • covered with stainless steel braid
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Taste perfection with a unique upgrade for gas cooking and heating. Introducing the Dormont Manufacturing CANRG7560 Gas Connector Kit, designed to enhance the performance of your commercial restaurant kitchen. This kit includes a 60″ long gas connector, covered with a stainless steel braid and coated with gray PVC for durability and safety. The 3/4″ inside diameter ensures optimal gas flow, allowing your appliances to operate at their full potential. With a quick disconnect feature, you can easily connect and disconnect your equipment as needed. The kit also includes a coiled restraining cable with hardware, providing an extra layer of security. Backed by a limited 5-year warranty, you can trust the reliability and longevity of this product. Upgrade your gas cooking and heating systems with the Dormont Manufacturing CANRG7560 Gas Connector Kit and experience improved efficiency and peace of mind in your commercial restaurant.