Frymaster, 3FQG30U, Fryer, Gas, Multiple Battery

  • FilterQuick Fryer Battery
  • gas
  • (3) 30 lb. capacity each
  • built-in automatic filtration
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Elevate Your Culinary Ingenuity with the Frymaster, 3FQG30U, Fryer, Gas, Multiple Battery. This top-of-the-line fryer is designed to meet the demands of a busy commercial restaurant kitchen. With a capacity of 30 lbs per fryer, this FilterQuick Fryer Battery allows you to cook large quantities of food quickly and efficiently. The built-in automatic filtration system ensures that your oil stays clean and fresh, reducing maintenance and extending the life of your oil. The FilterQuick 4000 controller with auto top-off feature makes it easy to maintain the perfect oil level, while the electronic ignition ensures reliable and convenient operation. The rack-type basket support, hanger, and twin baskets provide versatility and convenience, allowing you to fry different types of food simultaneously. The oil management package, including the bulk oil set up and frypot covers, helps you streamline your operations and reduce waste. With its stainless steel construction and adjustable casters, this fryer is built to last and can be easily moved around your kitchen. Trust Frymaster for all your commercial frying needs.