Frymaster, FPRE480-21, Fryer, Electric, Multiple Battery

  • High-Production Fryer Battery
  • electric
  • (4) 80 lb. capacity each
  • built-in filtration
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Engineered for Culinary Brilliance, the Frymaster FPRE480-21 Electric Multiple Battery Fryer is a game-changer for commercial restaurants. With its high-production capacity and built-in filtration system, this fryer is designed to meet the demands of busy kitchens. Each frypot has an 80 lb. capacity, allowing you to fry large quantities of food at once. The open-pot design ensures even cooking and easy access for cleaning. The automatic melt cycle and boil out temperature control make maintenance a breeze. This fryer comes complete with a screen-type basket support, hanger, and two twin baskets, providing versatility and efficiency. Made with stainless steel frypots, doors, and cabinet sides, this fryer is built to last in a demanding restaurant environment. With four 21 kW units, this fryer delivers exceptional performance and reliability. Trust Frymaster for all your commercial frying needs.