Frymaster, MJ250, Fryer, Gas, Multiple Battery

  • Performance Fryer
  • gas
  • floor model
  • (2) 50 lb. oil capacity
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Crafting Culinary Excellence with Frymaster, MJ250, Fryer, Gas, Multiple Battery. This performance fryer is designed for commercial restaurant use, offering exceptional quality and efficiency. With a 50 lb. oil capacity in each of its two frypots, this floor model fryer allows for high-volume frying, perfect for busy kitchens. The open frypot design ensures quick and easy cleaning, while the millivolt controller and centerline fast-action temperature probe guarantee precise and consistent frying results. The EZSpark ignitor and thermostat knob behind the front panel provide convenient operation, while the over-the-flue basket hangers and included rack-type basket support make frying a breeze. The stainless steel frypot, door, and cabinet ensure durability and longevity, while the flue deflector enhances safety. With a powerful 244000 BTU, this NSF and CSA certified fryer delivers outstanding performance and reliability, making it an essential addition to any commercial kitchen.