Ice-O-Matic, IFI8C, Water Filtration System, for Ice Machines

  • In-line Water Filter Cartridge
  • single
  • designed for use with ice makers
  • with IsoNet scale inhibitor
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Optimize efficiency with smart solutions using the Ice-O-Matic, IFI8C Water Filtration System for Ice Machines. Designed specifically for commercial restaurant use, this in-line water filter cartridge ensures clean and pure ice production. With its IsoNet scale inhibitor and 10-micron filtration, it effectively removes impurities and sediment, guaranteeing crystal-clear ice cubes. The 3/8″ compression fitting allows for easy installation, and the cartridge has a maximum cube capacity of 600 lb/day, making it ideal for high-demand environments. NSF certified, this water filtration system meets the highest standards of quality and safety. By using the Ice-O-Matic, IFI8C Water Filtration System, you can provide your customers with ice that is free from contaminants, ensuring a refreshing and enjoyable dining experience. Trust Ice-O-Matic, a leading vendor in water filtration systems, to deliver reliable and efficient solutions for your commercial restaurant needs.