Jackson WWS, DISHSTAR HT-E, Dishwasher, Undercounter

  • DishStar HT-E Dishwasher
  • undercounter
  • 24-1/4″W
  • Sani-Sure high temperature sanitizing with built in 70 rise booster heater
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Equip your kitchen with top-notch solutions using the Jackson WWS, DISHSTAR HT-E, Undercounter Dishwasher. This high-performance dishwasher is designed to meet the demands of a busy commercial restaurant. With its Sani-Sure high temperature sanitizing feature and built-in 70 rise booster heater, you can ensure that your dishes are thoroughly sanitized and ready for use. The dishwasher can handle approximately 27 racks per hour, saving you time and increasing efficiency in your kitchen. It uses only 0.65 gallons of water per rack, making it an energy-efficient choice. The digital LED control panel and universal timer allow for easy operation and precise control over the washing process. The dishwasher also features a delime cycle, built-in chemical pumps, and priming switches for added convenience. Its stainless steel wash pump and cabinet ensure durability and easy maintenance. Trust the Jackson WWS, DISHSTAR HT-E, Undercounter Dishwasher to deliver exceptional performance and cleanliness in your commercial restaurant.