Nemco, 8045W-CGD, Hot Dog Grill Sneeze Guard

  • Canopy Sneeze Guard
  • pass-through
  • flat top
  • 36″W x 17.5″D x 8.75″H
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Introducing the Nemco, 8045W-CGD, Hot Dog Grill Sneeze Guard an innovative solution for culinary success in commercial restaurants. This canopy sneeze guard is designed specifically for the 8045W series roller grill, providing a clear polycarbonate barrier to protect your hot dogs while maintaining visibility for customers. With dimensions of 36″W x 17.5″D x 8.75″H, this sneeze guard offers ample coverage to keep your food safe and hygienic. Its pass-through design allows for easy access and serving, ensuring efficiency during busy service hours. The Nemco 8045W-CGD is packed by Nemco, a trusted vendor in the industry, and comes with a case pack of 1. Enhance the safety and professionalism of your restaurant with this high-quality hot dog grill sneeze guard. Order yours today and elevate your culinary experience.