Pitco Frialator, SE14RS-1FD, Fryer, Electric, Floor Model, Full Pot

  • Solstice Prepackaged Fryer System with Solstice Solo Filter System
  • High Power
  • electric
  • (1) 40-50 lb. oil capacity full tank
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Invest in superior quality with the Pitco Frialator SE14RS-1FD Electric Floor Model Full Pot Fryer. This fryer is designed to meet the demands of a busy commercial restaurant kitchen. With a 40-50 lb. oil capacity full tank, you can fry large quantities of food without compromising on taste or quality. The solid state controls ensure precise temperature control, allowing you to achieve perfect results every time. The under-fryer drawer filtration system makes it easy to clean and maintain the fryer, saving you time and effort. The stainless steel tank, front, and sides not only provide durability but also give the fryer a sleek and professional look. Additionally, this fryer is ENERGY STAR certified, ensuring energy efficiency and cost savings. Trust Pitco Frialator for all your frying needs.