Star, 314HX, Oven, Electric, Conveyor

  • Proveyor Conveyor Oven
  • electric
  • analog speed control
  • independent controls for top & bottom quartz sheathed heater elements
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Fuel your passion for cooking with the Star 314HX Electric Conveyor Oven. This top-of-the-line oven is designed to meet the demands of a busy commercial restaurant kitchen. With independent controls for the top and bottom quartz sheathed heater elements, you have precise control over the cooking process. The adjustable inlet and exit openings allow you to customize the oven to accommodate a variety of food sizes, from thin crust pizzas to thick sandwiches. The 14″ wide belt and left-to-right conveyor operation ensure efficient cooking and easy access to your food. Made with stainless steel construction, this oven is not only durable but also easy to clean, making it perfect for a busy restaurant environment. Trust in the quality and reliability of Star, a trusted name in the industry. Upgrade your kitchen with the Star 314HX Electric Conveyor Oven and experience the difference it can make in your cooking efficiency and productivity.