True Manufacturing, TFP-32-12M, Refrigerated Counter, Mega Top Sandwich / Salad Unit

  • Sandwich/Salad Unit
  • one-section
  • self-contained
  • (12) 1/6 size (4″D) poly pans
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Deliver food perfection with the True Manufacturing TFP-32-12M Refrigerated Counter, Mega Top Sandwich / Salad Unit. This one-section, self-contained unit is designed to meet the demands of a busy commercial restaurant. With its 12 poly pans, you can easily store and organize your sandwich and salad ingredients. The stainless steel insulated cover ensures that your ingredients stay fresh and at the perfect temperature. The 8-inch thick cutting board provides a convenient workspace for preparing your dishes. The stainless steel front, top, and sides, along with the aluminum back, make this unit durable and easy to clean. The aluminum interior with a stainless steel floor is both hygienic and resistant to corrosion. With rear-mounted refrigeration and 2.5-inch castors, this unit is easy to move and position in your kitchen. Trust in the True Manufacturing TFP-32-12M to deliver the quality and reliability you need for your restaurant’s food preparation.