Vertex China, SAU-12-Y, Platter, China

  • Platter
  • 10-1/4″
  • oval
  • sculpted lines
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Elevate your dining setting with ease with the Vertex China, SAU-12-Y Platter. This stunning platter from the Sausalito Collection features sculpted lines and an oval shape, adding a touch of elegance to any restaurant table. Made to order with special requirements, the Harvest Water Colors Pumpkin design brings a vibrant and seasonal touch to your presentation. Crafted by Vertex China, a trusted vendor in the industry, this platter is designed for commercial restaurant use, ensuring durability and longevity. With a selling unit per case of 1 dozen, this platter is perfect for serving large groups and catering events. Its generous size of 10-1/4″ allows for versatile plating options, making it ideal for showcasing appetizers, main courses, or desserts. Enhance your restaurant’s aesthetic and impress your guests with the Vertex China, SAU-12-Y Platter.