Cambro, 22LPCW135, Food/Beverage Storage Container

  • Food Pan 1/2 X 2″ Camwear Long Clear
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Stay ahead in the culinary landscape with Cambro’s 22LPCW135 Food/Beverage Storage Container. Designed for commercial restaurant use, this container is a must-have for any professional kitchen. With a selling unit of 6 each, this clear, long Camwear container is perfect for storing and organizing food and beverages. Its 1/2 X 2″ size allows for easy portioning and efficient storage. Made by Cambro, a trusted name in food and beverage storage, this container is durable and built to last. Its sturdy construction ensures that it can withstand the demands of a busy restaurant kitchen. Whether you need to store prepped ingredients, leftovers, or beverages, this container is up to the task. Keep your kitchen organized and your ingredients fresh with Cambro’s 22LPCW135 Food/Beverage Storage Container.