Glastender, BLC-1/2-2, Beverage Line Chillers

  • 1/2 HP beverage line chiller two pumps
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Upgrade gracefully with Glastender’s BLC-1/2-2 Beverage Line Chillers. Designed specifically for commercial restaurant use, these chillers are a game-changer for your beverage service. With a powerful 1/2 HP motor and two pumps, they ensure efficient cooling and consistent drink quality. The remote installable control panel allows for convenient operation and monitoring, giving you full control over your beverage line temperature. Glastender’s expertise in beverage line chillers is evident in the attention to detail and quality craftsmanship of the BLC-1/2-2 model. Each case includes one chiller, packed by Glastender themselves, guaranteeing a reliable and authentic product. Whether you’re running a bustling bar or a high-end restaurant, these chillers will elevate your beverage service to new heights. Invest in Glastender’s BLC-1/2-2 Beverage Line Chillers and experience the difference in taste, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.