Glastender, BLC-1/3-2, Beverage Line Chillers

  • 1/3 HP beverage line chiller two pumps
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Enhance your ambiance with innovation using the Glastender BLC-1/3-2 Beverage Line Chillers. Designed specifically for commercial restaurant use, these chillers are a game-changer for your beverage service. With a powerful 1/3 HP motor and two pumps, this unit ensures efficient cooling and dispensing of your beverages, guaranteeing a refreshing experience for your customers.

The remote installable control panel allows for convenient operation and monitoring, giving you full control over the chilling process. Whether you’re serving draft beer, soda, or any other beverage, the Glastender BLC-1/3-2 ensures that every sip is perfectly chilled and ready to be enjoyed.

Crafted by Glastender, a trusted name in the industry, this beverage line chiller is built to last. Its durable construction and reliable performance make it a valuable addition to any commercial restaurant. Don’t compromise on the quality of your beverages. Invest in the Glastender BLC-1/3-2 Beverage Line Chillers and elevate your drink service to new heights.