Glastender, BLC-3/4, Beverage Line Chillers

  • 3/4 HP beverage line chiller one pump
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Effortless solutions for your commercial restaurant needs start with Glastender’s BLC-3/4 Beverage Line Chillers. Designed specifically for commercial restaurant use, these chillers offer a convenient and efficient way to keep your beverage lines cool and refreshing. With a powerful 3/4 HP pump, this chiller ensures a consistent flow of chilled beverages, enhancing customer satisfaction and reducing waste. The remote installable control panel allows for easy monitoring and adjustment of temperature settings, giving you complete control over your beverage service. Each case includes one unit, packed by Glastender, ensuring quality and reliability. Whether you’re running a busy bar or a bustling restaurant, the Glastender BLC-3/4 Beverage Line Chillers are the perfect addition to your establishment. Experience the convenience and efficiency of these chillers and elevate your beverage service to new heights. Trust Glastender for all your commercial restaurant needs.